In referring our services to a colleague, "...I'm not sure Hillary is taking on more clients, but I found her knowledgeable, responsible and a delight to work with..." - Wayne, 2/18/20

"Very helpful. Thank you." - Jon, 11/13/19

"Good work!" - Jim, CPA, 10/16/19

"Hillary, THANK YOU!! You are the BEST!" - Stacie, 4/16/19

"Thank you so much Hillary and Sue!!!! You both are amazing." - Justin, 4/1/19

"Great job, Hillary! Appreciate the quick work." - James, 3/6/19

"Great job. I didn't think they would honor your request. I am smiling." - Steve, 11/16/18

"Dang, you're good!" - Stacie, 7/20/18

"Excellent work, Hillary! All reports look great. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Very helpful with 4/15 estimated tax 

calculations..." - Jim, CPA, 4/13/18

"You're always on top of things!" - Carleen, CPA, 2/8/18

"Hillary, Thank you again for (running A/R by special request on) Thursday. The (payments) posted today, the same day as my big IRA payment due by the 15th was processed.  I really appreciate it, since it saved us a big finance charge." - Ray, 10/16/17

"Awesome!" - Julie, 6/7/17

"Thank you, you're such a big help..." - Jessica, 4/13/17

"You rock! Thanks for taking on this financial tangle of ours." - Eric, 2/7/17

"You're the best!" - Stacie, 1/25/17

"Thanks for getting the reports to me so quickly.  We were able to get tax projections completed..." - Carleen, CPA, 12/15/16

"It is always a pleasure working with you.  The profession needs more good accountants like you!" - Dennis, CPA, 10/20/16

"I want to thank you for your services over the past couple of years; you have really put my books on a good footing!" - Victoria, 7/13/16

"You're the best! Thank you!" - Beverly, 7/8/16

"Thanks for the great work!" - James, CPA, 5/13/16

"Nice work on the books, as always." - Shawna, EA, 4/12/16

"I'm working on all the things we talked about and your suggestions so I'm excited for the new year, what it has in store for me..." - Lisa, 4/3/16

"You are amazing! Thank you...You are appreciated very much." - Stacie, 3/21/16

"You're a star!" - Andrew, 3/10/16

"Have a wonderful 2016 with joy, peace, health and happiness. Thanks for a job well done over the past years." - Howard, 12/31/15

"You're both stars!!!!" - Andrew, 11/20/15

"Thanks so much, Hillary! I really appreciate your quick and conscientious response." - Debra (a DHA client's client), 10/7/15

"Thank you for all your help with (our books). I so appreciate you finding my mistakes and keeping everything up to date." - Darlene, 9/10/15

"Thanks so much for doing this (insurance audit) Katie, you rock!" - Justin, 8/18/15

"Thank you again for all your help, Hillary...I really like working with you and Katie...Katie's solid, non-flappable attitude suits me perfectly...You're good!" - Stacie, 6/5/15

"Nice work, Katie. I love a nice clean set of books!" - Shawna, EA, 4/8/15

"Nice work, Katie, you are awesome!!" - Justin, 4/2/15

"You're the best, Katie. Thank you." - Jane, 2/10/15

"I'm so glad we now have you doing our bookkeeping. Unfortunately, we did not employ your services last year and made 

mistakes..." - Kathy, 2/16/15

"Thanks for your help with my business (now sold). Here's hoping we get a chance to work together again." - Todd, 1/28/15

"Nice job on the books...thanks for all your help, Katie!" - Debbie, CPA, 1/17/15

"We like accounting pros who both understand e-Commerce, QB, PayPal and us, always happy to reference potential clients your way." - Rod, Simpleport, PayPal to QuickBooks Integration Tool, 5/8/14

"It is such a pleasure to work with you! You and your staff sure know how to maintain a set of books...After tax season I am going to review my Qbooks clients and see if I can refer them to you. They could use your kind of help." - Dennis, CPA, 3/26/14

"Hillary and Katie: Thank you for all that you do...so lucky to have you on (our) team..." - Cecily, 2/10/14

On setting up her business' books going back to Jan. 1, 2012: "That's it? It was so easy...I thought it would be painful!" - Sharone, 8/9/13

"...Thanks so much for your help on this Hillary.  I feel so much better that you looked at this and you saved me a lot of time and stress. You might just be my best outsource yet!!!" - Justin, 7/30/13

"Much appreciated! You're a gem...and why your business is growing so well." - Eileen, 7/2/13

"I wish all my clients had financials this clean.  Life would be much easier." - Jim, CPA, CVA, 6/28/13

"I've never had such thorough bookkeepers." - Job, 4/2/13

"I just wanted to tell you, it is such a pleasure to work with you, your bookkeeping is perfect! That does not happen often the books come in so neat and tidy, so thanks for all you do!" - Laura, CPA, 3/12/13

"Thanks for doing such an awesome job! We've closed more clients this month than ever, and I think in large part because I have a TN more time to do the important stuff. Thanks!" - Kian, 7/9/12

"You are a rock star!" - Meredith, 5/25/12

"You rock!" - Eric, 5/24/12

"Hillary is a fabulous bookkeeper..." - Steven, 1/22/12

"Thank you for everything you do, keeping the wheels rolling for my business behind the scenes! I appreciate your help, wondering sometimes how I would ever manage without you..." - Ray, 12/23/11

"Thanks for another year of superb service." - Wayne, 12/22/11

"Worth every penny!" - Jeff, 11/5/11

"Thanks for allowing me to be one of your clients." - John, 11/5/11

"Hillary, I would refer you in a heartbeat!" - Sheila, CPA, MST, 7/5/11

"(Hillary) is terrific, accurate, and (a) delight to work with." - Keva, 5/9/11